Tuesday 29 December 2015

Chunky omelette / pastry-free quiche

Eggs are a key staple in my kitchen. I know there’s lots of advice about how many you ‘should’ eat per week etc but in the colder months they are perfect for me to start (or finish) the day.

As weekdays are always pretty hectic I find it easier to batch-cook on Sunday afternoons to make sure I have lots of healthy and nutritous leftovers to get me through most of the week. 

One of my regular dishes is a baked egg dish. I basically throw in whatever I have lying around or feel like eating in with the eggs to make a chunky omelette or pastry-free quiche type meal - it’s great for a filling breakfast or quick dinner.

This week I had onions and mushrooms…


chilli pepper

Put it all into a large pyrex (or other oven-proof) dish

Add some smoked salmon

Some lime zest and juice

Then break all your eggs into a separate jug - I tend to calculate about 2 eggs per day that I’m planning to bake for. So this day I was making for all five weekday breakfasts so there was 10 eggs piled in.

Add milk to the eggs and mix - to make the liquid go further and make it less ‘rich’.

Season both the eggs and dish - pepper, herbs etc.

Then pour the egg mixture into the pyrex dish.

Mix the egg liquid and other ingredients together.

And then bake.

Cooking time varies - depending on how many ingredients I’ve piled in! Seems to take at least half an hour though to cook through so I cover with foil to make sure it doesn’t burn and also cooks through.

And it’s as easy as that. Keep in the fridge once cool and portion up as needed.

Sometimes if its a cold morning I heat a portion up in the microwave for breakfast but it’s just as tasty cold.


  • 2-3 eggs per day
  • milk
  • whatever meats / veggies you fancy
  • seasoning
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