Friday 4 September 2015

Café des Amis - Brunch in Zurich

The best way to spend Sunday morning is having brunch - fact! So for our final morning in Zurich, Lisa and I headed to Café des Amis, a popular French-style cafe, recommended on Time Out and TripAdvisor. 

Having Looked at the photos and reviews before we went, we already knew what we wanted - the étagère. An afternoon tea style 3-plate stack full of breakfast treats.

We settled into our comfy sofa in the warm cozy inside of the restaurant.

I ordered a cappuccino and a soup-bowl sized coffee appeared much to my delight!

Then, the moment of truth ... Look at this bad boy!

Plus of course the basket of bread, brioche and croissants ... .heaven.

The bottom layer was fried eggs, bacon and tomato

Plus a smoked salmon crepe

The middle layer was a mixture of fruits, birchermuseli, mango yoghurt and condiments

And the whole thing was topped off with a plate of ham and cheeses

We started with the hot foods ... tucking into our eggs and then crepe.

Next up was a tasty buttery croissant, which I tried with jam and Nutella...

Before the food-sugars kicked in and we got a little experimental and started to dare each other to try 'interesting' combinations of food ...

I can now report did jam and cured ham do not work well together.

Lisa on the other hand Seemed perfectly happy with brioche / cheese / nutella / jam / honey / lettuce Combinations!

 Though the jam, nutella, museli combo isn't too bad!

To finish up we tucked into our middle plate of fruit, yoghurt and muesli.

But this also led to further experimentation...featuring nutella on an orange:

And an entire handful of bitter redcurrants (aka 'Hunger Games berries'!)

A highly entertaining (and delicious) brunch.

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