Friday 28 August 2015

Rosso - hidden pizza in Zurich

Continuing our foodie tour of Zurich we headed to Rosso for Saturday night dinner. It was our time to explore the Italian influences of the multi-cultural country.

Despite being right next to a train station it was a little tricky to find! We literally followed our Google Maps blue dot to find our way through a random track to a warehouse at the end of a dead end. There was no sign or clear entrance!

But inside was a different matter - lots of reserved tables, a delicious smell of pizza and friendly staff.

Settling down with a glass of prosecco, we happily perused the menu.

The restaurant was recommended for its thin-crust pizzas, but we got a little distracted by the delicious-looking dishes walking past us out of the kitchen ...

So we started by sharing an octopus antipasti ("Polpo della casa")

And a summer salad ("Verdura mista e piselli")

Very scrummy! The octopus, in particular, was perhaps one of the best I've had - it had a chargrilled barbeque outside and then a centre that melted in your mouth.

Then it what time for pizza. We'd ordered the Diavola to share. Which was a good call because it was massive.

Luckily the pizza was not too heavy, despite the generous size and ingredients because it was so thin.


I'd recommend booking a table in advance (as we did) because it got busier and busier during the evening and I think every table I could see had a reserved sign.

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Address: Geroldstrasse 31, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

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