Friday 3 April 2015

Lunar New Year food

To celebrate Lunar New Year time Mama Bear prepared some Asian feasts for us.

We had a Chinese feast one lunchtime:

Starting with some lotus flower tea

Then moving onto…

An Oriental snack selection (prawn toast, vegetable spring rolls and prawn wantons)

And a 'tapas' of foods: Duck in plum sauce, Crispy chilli king prawns, Crispy lemon chicken and noodles...

A yummy but pretty ‘western’ style Chinese meal.

But a couple of days later we had an authentic Vietnamese dinner, courtesy of Mama’s recent trip to Vietnam.  

A few nibbles pre-dinner…

Then it was time to make our fresh spring rolls - a Vietnamese delicacy (“gỏi cuốn”) which, unlike it’s fried cousins, is light and healthy.

You start by soaking the rice paper (“bánh tráng”) in warm water for a few seconds to make it pliable.

Depending on the regions in Vietnam, the rolls have different ingredients. 

We made ours with rice vermicelli..

...a salad of fresh herbs, leaves, pineapple, cucumber and celery

topped off with some delicious baked salmon

and a selection of dipping sauces


Seriously yum - I could happily eat these every day!!

Then to round off the tasty meal, we had a vietnamese dessert - black rice pudding with coconut milk.

How cool is that colour?!

Served with two of my favourite fruits in the world - dragon fruit and pineapple.

Heaven. Can I move to Vietnam, please?!

Finally to finish our Asian weekend, we sampled some Cambodian candies…coconut, durian, banana and black sesame peanut…

A seriously sweet treat - the sesame crackers were probably my favourite.

O how I love Asian food.

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