Tuesday 10 February 2015

Guatemala: Antigua to Rio Dulce

Day 13

Today we had a long journey ahead – approx 8 hours to travel from Antigua to Rio Dulce. 
But fortunately the snack-pack was fully loaded!

So to treat ourselves before hitting the road we went to a gorgeous café for breakfast.

Café Condensa is a bookstore with cute courtyards behind full of plants and seats. We admired the tasty treats and menu items around…

I went for a coffee, eggs and fruit breakfast – which came with half a loaf of toast on the side!

Then it was time to board our bus and leave the charming city of Antigua.

Lisa and I luckily shot-gunned the backseat row – giving us a whole load of legroom to play with!  If we hadn’t, this would have been us for the next 8 hours!

Instead, we had this luxury…

Hours passed by and we entertained ourselves in a number of ways! We had photo editing competitions, played hackey-sack, listened to music, napped, played ‘I Spy’…whatever we could to pass the time!
Neck pillows - this traveller's 'must have' accessory

The 'anti-dribble' position
Photo-editing competition...I totally won! (left)

We had a brief stop for lunch – avocado and tuna salad, followed by a cinnamon tea – randomly they didn’ t have peppermint!

Then a mid afternoon treat of banana bread – Day 2 and it was still great!

Finally we arrived into Rio Dulce, a small town named after the river that it’s located on. We boarded a small boat to our jungle lodge across the river.

We had a great view over the river as we sailed in the late afternoon sunshine.

Arriving at our peaceful jungle lodge some were excited by the wifi...
...others by the complementary fruit juice...
...I was more excited to see our hut-like rooms scattered throughout the jungle.

Complete with princess style mosquito nets!

Somehow I ended up with the big bed – lovely, until we discovered it was damp from the humid jungle!

We had dinner at the lodge’s restaurant – unfortunately their portions were very small…
Tasty hot much I ended up buying a bottom to bring home!

…so we had no choice but to head back to our room and devour our handmade chocolates!

We set up camp on my bed with a movie and magazine…and our treats.

And then Lisa broke the netting – in a comedic jump onto the bed!

After giggles and exchanging her bitter dark chocolates for my sweet milk chocolates, we fell asleep to the jungle sounds.

Central America

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