Sunday 15 February 2015

Belize: Caye Caulker

Day 18
Today we were heading out to see Caye Caulker's main attraction - exploring Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the second biggest reef in the world (after Australia's Great Barrier Reef).  Warning - there are a lot of pics in this post...I just couldn't resist the gorgeous underwater world.
But first, a morning workout...with the best view I've ever had in a 'gym'.

After showers we headed to 'Amor Y Cafe' for breakfast.  We just made it there before the rain started - ah the life on a tropical island!  The cafe was, deservingly, well-recommended - I started my day with coffee, waffles, fruit and bacon!  Yum.

We got a little dirty on our walk through the town!

Fortunately by the time we had to board our Ragamuffin boat (10.30am) the rain had stopped.

We met the men of our boat - Captain Vito, Rapping Jay and Carlos.

We fed the birds overhead with small fish, before arriving at our first of three snorkel stops.

We visited Hol Chan Park, Shark Alley and Coral Garden.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve ("little channel") is the most popular snorkelling place in Belize - it's about five square miles.  No fishing is allowed so there's loads of sealife around.  Three miles away, "Shark & Ray Alley", also called "The Aquarium", is known as the shark and stingray city of Belize.  Coral Gardens have such clear water, allowing you to see all the varying coral colours clearly.  During the summer you can also see manatees here.

Seeing loggerhead and green turtles up close


Nurse sharks (attracted by sardines in conch shells)

Sting Rays

Moray eel


Manta rays

dory fish


astonishing amounts of tropical fish

stunning coral canyons

In between our amazing snorkel dives, Carlos fed us pineapple and watermelon...

...followed by a seafood lunch...

...before we rum-punch booze-cruised home.

It's a tough day...! 

Back on land we were starving once more - I'm always famished after being in the water!  So we treated ourselves to an ice-cream (pecan butter flavour!) and freshly made donuts from our favourite store (Ice & Beans).

For dinner we went to Rosie's bar and grill.   Here you can pick your fresh seafood and sides before it's freshly prepared for you.

I opted for 'snook' - one of the fish we'd seen during the day!

While dinner was prepare I sipped on a 'Rosie sunset cocktail' and swayed on my seat!  Fortunately I hadn't got sea-sick on the boat during the day, but still felt like I was on it that evening.

Bought some hot sauce and then we chilled out on our balcony with peppermint...such grown-ups!

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