Sunday 4 January 2015

Another 3-cake birthday!

In a trend that started last year, now I'm officially "in my 30's" it seems to mean I get 3 cakes - one for each decade!

I flew home to England on my birthday to be greeted by a magnificent cake, courtesy of Mama Bear and one of my sisters.  Check out this work of art:

A Ferrero Rocher cake!

I am a big fan of Ferrero Rocher, as you'll know from a previous cupcake post.  And this cake embodied all the best bits of Ferrero Rocher...look at those layers.

Despite it's colossus size, it was surprisingly 'light' to eat as it didn't contain any flour, instead it's mostly wafers and ground hazelnuts...almost 'healthy'!!

Cake number 2 was delivered by one of my besties the following day, perfectly paired with prosecco before our Christmas Party.

Final birthday cake of 2014 was in Moscow, kindly organised by the team I work with there.  And it wasn't just one cake...there was a delicious array of 'cake tapas'!  Molton lava cake, cheesecake, and more I couldn't find room to sample...

Another fantastic year!

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