Tuesday 30 December 2014

Bavarian Burgers - Hans im Glück

I do love burgers!  If you're the same, and you're in Munich, there's a place I recommend visiting...

Hans im Glück is a German burger grill restaurant chain - there are eight in Munich alone.

It's named after a German fairytale, where a man (Hans) wanders home to his mother through a forest trading his gold for a horse, then a cow, then a pig and so on, until he is left with nothing and yet he feels lucky because the riches only brought him grief.

The restaurants are all themed to look like the inside of a forest.

They have a menu of lots of different burgers and cocktails to tempt you - and you can have different buns, or even go bun-free or vegetarian, with your choice of salad or fries.

I always go for the meal-deal, getting you a cocktail and burger meal for around 15 euros.

The challenge is trying to remember what you've eaten or drunk before to ensure you try something different each time!

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