Wednesday 12 November 2014

Halloween 2014

I love Halloween! Whilst it’s an American tradition, my family have always celebrated it - complete with apple bobbing, doughnuts on strings and spider burgers!

Last year I celebrated Halloween in Georgetown, Washington D.C. after a fantastic trip through Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

This year I was in Johannesburg, South Africa…not really a place where Halloween has a big cult following! Fortunately I had a friend in Pretoria (who I met travelling in Turkey a few weeks earlier!) who knew where there was a party.

So I got dressed-up…

If you need a compact outfit for travelling (as I did!), I totally recommend a skeleton - a small pack of face paint, some tights and gloves and you’re sorted! Assuming you have a LBD in your bag…but who doesn’t?!

I got some odd looks from the other hotel guests and managed to freak a couple out whilst waiting outside in the dark for my taxi!

But a short ride later and I was amongst others!

Cue a fun night of drinks, costume guessing - and, randomly, Brazilian capoeria!

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