Thursday 13 November 2014

My 1st Baby Shower

One of my besties, Emma, was due to give birth soon, so a couple of us held her a baby shower to celebrate her upcoming arrival.

As she is the first of my close friends to have a baby, it was also my first baby shower! Therefore my loyal advisor, google(!), was consulted about what this meant…

According to the wonder-web, baby showers are traditionally only given for a family’s first child and only women are invited. The name ‘shower’ comes from the attendees ‘showering’ the mother-to-be with gifts, wisdom and lessons. The name varies across the world though - whilst in South Africa, I learned that there its called a ‘stork party’.

We decided to hold a ‘tea party’ style shower…featuring classic British delicacies as scones, cupcakes and smoked salmon sandwiches.

Though the centrepiece of the table was the incredible baby & pram, courtesy of one friend’s husband - check out this work of art!!

And some ‘parlour games’, including ‘guess the gender & arrival date’…

…and some more ‘involved’ ones, including smell the diaper…

I think that face says it all...!

…and guess the baby food flavour - the spagbol one was surprisingly tasty!

Various shades of wonder babies get it everywhere but their mouths!

The gifts were also opened - cue much ‘aaawing’ at the cute outfits for the new family member.

Despite most of our guesses, the baby boy has now arrived and was even one day early!

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