Sunday 11 May 2014

Pretzel addict

My name is Rachel and I’m a pretzel addict! I didn’t know this until I moved to Munich, the homeland of these fluffy and tasty bread treats.  
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Pretzels (in German “Brezel”) are found everywhere in Bavaria. They are most commonly found in a unique knot-like shape (said to represent hands in prayer) but also come in a variety of other shapes now. Apparently pretzels were invented in the middle ages by an Italian monk as a reward to children who learnt their prayers. They are typically seasoned with salt, but also cheese, nuts and seeds.

There are also seasonal pretzels: around Christmas you can apparently get soft gingerbread (“Lebkuchen”) pretzels with a chocolate coating; or a “New Years Pretzel” with lightly sweetened yeast (for good luck and fortune); or a “Palm Pretzel” for Palm Sunday celebrations - a much larger family member weighing up to 6lbs!

Pretzels are eaten all the time here…for every meal and with everything…cream cheese for breakfast, any lunchtime meal and with cold meats / cheeses for dinner.

After eating a considerable amount fresh from the bakery (and learning to my peril that they don’t last a day) I spotted some frozen ones…perfect way to ‘make’ some at home.
Firstly you take take the frozen knots and leave them at room temperature for approx 10 mins.
Then you sprinkle some of the salt on top before putting into a warmed oven.

Then excited watch as their ‘skin’ (from washing soda or lye treatment) turns golden brown and they grow in approx 10 mins.
 They smell heavenly.

 Just a few accessories…and then serve - and eat. 

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