Monday 5 May 2014

Picnic-ing in the English Gardens

The sun was shining and it was the last day of my sisters’ visit to Munich so we decided to head to the English Gardens to enjoy a sunshine picnic!

We stocked up on supplies and then headed to the lake in the middle of the gardens.
We set up camp on a nearby field…though slightly worryingly surrounded by geese, much to one sister’s displeasure!
We had a host of yummy goodies to munch on: pretzels, mixed sliced meats, carrot sticks, prawn cocktail, cream cheese…
“cheesy feet” crackers…

…and painted boiled eggs (an Easter tradition here).

Then for desert we had three different types of pastries, haribo and strawberries - yum!

We soaked up the sunshine, admiring the scenery and passing-by ‘traffic’.

Next we headed to the Chinese Tower…

Followed by the Greek temple to admire views over the gardens and city…

Finally we headed back to Leopoldstrasse to visit the infamous ‘Running Man’…of course we had to put him through his paces!

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