Friday 4 March 2016

"Bears in the Snow" Christmas Cake

My family and I love cake! And we love any excuse to make it a fun cake. So when one sister spotted this awesome “pigs in the mud” cake online we were clearly inspired.

Whilst we we all home for Christmas we decided to make a “bears in the snow” cake - in honour of ourselves (“The Bears”) and the season.

We made a gorgeous sponge using this recipe from CakeBaker, substituting slightly as we were making a white chocolate cake to stick with our snow theme.

Including some gratuitous syrup shots!

And lots of high quality white chocolate - hand grated by yours truly!

The sponge is made with creme fraiche which makes it deliciously moist.

Plus the usual suspects of eggs, flour, sugar etc.

All carefully mixed together…

…and spooned into a baking tray.

Before baking until golden brown. The smell was divine and a quick touch check confirmed it was ready!

The slightly tricky task of getting the sponge out of its tin came next - made a little easier by mama’s help…I only got in the way taking pictures!

The sponge was then left to cool…

…whilst we set to work on the decorations.

The stars of our cake were these Lindt chocolate bears!

And a lot of cookies & cream KitKats.

We then needed to sculpt our sponge. First up was levelling the top - providing some tasty nibbles in the process!

And then slicing our sponge in half to give us two even layers - a much harder task than it sounds. Well done, Nashi!

We sandwiched the two layers back together with a generous helping of vanilla buttercream…

…adding in a layer of grated white chocolate.

Then covered the whole cake in the buttercream.

Then it was ‘building’ time. First the KitKats lined the outside…

…then a big bow was added to secure everything.

And a little seasonal labelling!

Then we added the bears and some ‘park’ accessories…

Before sprinkling them all with some white chocolate ‘snow’…

Ta-dah - the finished product!

Isn’t it a beauty?!

Almost too pretty to eat…almost!

Carving it up we eagerly tucked in…

Look at those gorgeous layers.


I can definitely recommend - it’s fun to make, tasty and so worth the effort. It didn’t last long in our household.

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