Friday 20 March 2015

Spanish Summer - home cooking

I love the sunshine. So I’m always delighted to head to Spain for the summer where I’m guaranteed some warmth, along with beaches and blue skies. The (female) Baby Bears all managed to make it to my parent’s place at the same time for the first time ever - just in time for Mama Bear’s birthday.
In Spain we can treat ourselves to lots of delicious food and home cooking becomes much more fun with the tasty ingredients around us...

Even the fruit is so much better - especially my favourites!
We do BBQs with freshly caught fish... well as burgers and razor clams!

Mama also made an amazing paella one night…full of fresh seafood - heaven!

And it’s not just dinners that are tasty…lunchtime is also funtime! Check out the size of these tomatoes - my favourite here! So tasty - you can almost taste the ‘red’.

Accompanied by some eggy bread. It’s about the only time I eat eggy bread so it’s such a treat (& a great way to use up the bread that dries out quickly due to the heat)

The peppers come a close second too..

Yum yum yum !

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  1. I totally agree that everything tastes fresher in Spain! When I lived there I would load up on the summer fruit too; lovely picture of the figs and watermelon above!


  2. Thanks, Elise! Your coffee pics in your last post are stunning...especially as a caffeine addict who has given it up for lent!!


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