Wednesday 25 February 2015

Healthy Time

I consider myself pretty healthy. Yes, I’m also obsessed with cake and coffee, but for the most part I eat well and stay active. However, coming back from a (mostly!) warm Central America into sub zero Munich, I dreaded the wintery cold season. Cue red noses, ticklerly coughs and husky voices. I was determined not to get ill, so I took action!

First up, making sure I was getting all my vitamins and minerals….

I’m taking glucosamine (to help my joints), probiotics (stomach / gut health after travelling), Perfectil (full of things that are good for your skin, nails and hair) and also Source of Gold multi vitamins with everything you can think of.

Plus I was armed with a load of Yor Health super greens sachets from Lisa. Viruses and bugs didn’t stand a chance!

I even bought a super-handy pill-pot to take my tablets to the office to eat with lunch. Yes and I’m proud of it!

I took a Bootea ‘teatox’ for 2 weeks. 

The morning ‘daytime detox’ one was good - a blend of chinese oolong tea, mate leaves, ginger root, fennel seeds, lemongrass, dandelion leaf, ginseng root, gota kola leaves (no idea, either!) and nettle leaves.
The evening ‘bedtime cleanse’ wasn’t quite so nice…the smell was a little off-putting but I persevered, despite the aniseed flavour of senna leaves, peppermint leaves, fenugreek seeds (erm, what?!), liquorice root (that will be the aniseed then), burdock root, hawthorn leaves, valerian root and psyllium seeds. 

When you read the small print, you also discover - it also was a natural laxative. Not really my cup of tea (haha - get it?)!

I also finally joined a gym in Munich. I decided my German was good enough to get through a class. Plus I wasn’t cycling to the office during the freezing snow season and I needed to get my exercise somehow (my 7 minute app sessions weren’t going to shift my Christmas and holiday indulgences!)

Plus I’d bought some fab new trainers that needed (non road) testing…

Food is of course the main ingredient in healthiness - you are what you eat & all that jazz…!
So I started cooking a bit at home…

Stuffed chili beef peppers

Baked salmon and veggies
Minute steak with aubergine and mixed mushrooms

And not just my dinners, breakfasts also max’ed their vitamin levels…

…and added some colour to my instagram feed!

And stocked up on veggies at the lunch canteen.

I also treated myself to my favourite beauty treatment - a colleague came back from Korea with a bagful of snail slime face masks for me. Heaven!

And, over a month later I’ve survived the worst of the winter season with barely a sniffle - score!

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