Sunday 7 December 2014

Pancake Playtime

I am definitely not a cook, but I love to have fun with food. Fortunately my sisters feel the same way - though both are far better in the kitchen than me! So when I popped back home to England to visit one of my besties who had just had a baby, we had the perfect excuse to play in Mama’s kitchen.  Armed with Christmasy starbucks we set to work.

Nashi whipped up the batter…

While Soph grilled the bacon and I hunted for other accessories for our Bear-themed brunch.
Clearly one syrup isn’t enough in our cupboards!
As Nashi juggled batter, cookie cutters & pans, Soph & I set about getting creative.
We started with the face, featuring banana and raisins:

Before adding a body & ears as pancakes piled up.

The bacon was ready and trimmed (of course this is a ‘low calorie brunch!!), forming the bear limbs...

Then finally we added an extra belly pancake - all in the name of creative excellence!

Check out the Baby Bear’s work of art:

Then it was time to drizzle the beauties in golden syrup…

…and tuck into our delicious feast!

Super easy to do and very tasty, highly recommend having a go yourself.

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