Saturday 8 November 2014

Baby Bear reunion

What do you call a group of bears?!  According to the wonder-web, it's a 'pack', 'maul', 'sleuth' or 'sloth''s lesson!

Well, my sisters and I call ourselves the Baby Bears (though this does also include my elusive brother!).  Whenever I'm back in the UK we try to make sure we get together for a catch-up...this usually takes place over food & drinks.  The latest reunion was no exception.

We kicked off the evening with cocktails in the bustling "Dirty Martini" in Covent Garden.

I went for my favourite - a lychee martini (delicious - even if the grumpy barman refused to swap gin for vodka!) but they do have a fantastic menu so you're bound to find something exciting to try...

We eagerly de-stressed from our frantic days with a good old rant and drink.
"Take my lightning, but don't steal my thunder" - floating facade of Covent Garden
Then we headed onto "Sticks'n'Sushi" for dinner.  Thank you to Rosie (aka The Londoner) - I got the recommendation from her blog!

The place is huge and has an open Japanese style communal dining area with large tables scattered throughout.  It was busy - I'd recommend booking beforehand, but there's also another floor below ground with the kitchen so plenty of tables around.

We selected another round of cocktails...this time I went for a 'Red Velvet', purely because it's the name of my favourite cupcake!  Though I was very intrigued by the 'Dragon Heart'...

Have you ever had avocado in your drink before?!

Then it was time to salivate over the picture-menus!  Our waiter was very helpful and made recommendations from the set menus.  

We opted for a 'Monte Carlo' between the three of us.

The food came in stages, as our waiter explained it would, with us not quite remembering what was still to come so each new plate was a treat!
You're never too old to be a chopstick walrus!
We feasted on...

grilled edamame beans with soy, ginger and garlic plus edi bites with chilli, coriander, pepper, miso-aioli and lime

beef tatami with smoked cheese, almonds and yuzu-kosho

salmon, tuna and sea bream sashimi

kaburumaki rolls (ebi panko, shake aiolo) with tuna, salmon and hamachi nigiri


miso-marinated black cod, lamb chops with miso herb butter and asparagus wrapped in bacon was all incredibly delicious!

We had very full and happy bellies by the end!

I'd definitely recommend a visit if you haven't already been.

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