Sunday 14 September 2014

Bye-bye / Veda Turkey!

Today was my last morning in Istanbul so I squeezed in a final little bit of shopping, and random sight-seeing...
Of course, the well-known Rabbit of Fortune!
Turns out we were in the pet aisle, not an S&M alley!

...picking up some tasty tomato paste (delicious dipping or cooking ingredient) which I found in the Spice Bazaar, just as a power cut took out the whole market! 
Some havoc then ensured, but I managed to get my paste, which they helpfully vacuum-packed for my flight.

Then a final stop at the delicious sweet shop, Hafiz Mustafa for a final Turkish foodie indulgence – baklava and tea!

Then we headed onto the airport, using one of the many shuttle buses running from city-centre hotels.

The airport was an entertaining experience as we were surrounded by people who had undergone plastic surgery – it turns out Istanbul is a bit of a hub for people visiting for nose jobs and hair plugs!!

Day 16
Istanbul -> home

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