Wednesday 2 July 2014


Day 4: Split, Croatia

Today we had the full day to explore Croatia’s second largest city so we started the day with a fruit salad on the seafront promenade (Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda, better known as Riva) before having a local guide tour of the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s retirement palace. 
Parts still exist (e.g, the wall facing the sea and the underground basement with market vendors) but a lot of it has been absorbed into buildings that have cropped up in / around. 

Essentially, Split is the inside of this Palace which was built from 295-305 AD as a military fortress, imperial residence and fortified town (plus interesting labyrinth streets).

After the tour we walked along to the beach, unfortunately the beach was very small so we ended up on a concrete pier looking back onto the bay.

I had a tasty octopus salad for lunch (yes, again - but it’s so tasty!) followed by a holiday treat…an ice cream! 

Hiring a parasol and deck chairs we settled down for a chilled out afternoon.  We had a little swim (but the water was fairly disgusting!) so we mostly sunbathed.
Heading back to the city we had dinner in the ‘old lanes’ part of town further along the promenade. 

We had massive portions of sea bass, stuffed courgettes (minced pork and rice) and grilled veggies so I was very happy!

We wandered back along Riva towards the city, enjoying the mini-concerts taking place around us over a seafront drink before calling it a night.

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