Thursday 3 July 2014

Island time!

Day 5: Split to Hvar, Croatia
“Are you Hvar-ing a good time?!”  Well, we were about to as today we headed off to Hvar, Croatia’s sunniest, most luxurious and most popular tourist destination island!

We had breakfast in Split at the port - delicious freshly made fruit juices…

Followed by ‘bakery surprises’ which ended up being ricotta cheese-stuffed gantry pastries which were yummy!

Then we caught the 1 hour catamaran to Hvar town.

Hvar town is the hub and busiest destination of the island, attracting expensive yachts and a range of tourists.  It’s ale famous for it’s lavender fields and other aromatic herbs, such as rosemary.

We had a bay-front hotel which was great so ditched our backpacks and headed out to explore the old town.

The centre of the town is St Stephen’s Square (Trg Svetog Stjepana) and from there we wandered through winding cobbled streets before arriving at a fruit market.

We bought delicious snacks of cherries, nectarines and figs from a friendly market man and happily munched our fruity treats as we explored more of the town.
Practicing our terrible Croatian - much to the market man's amusement!!

For lunch we found a sea-front cafe right next to the fancy boats, which we admired as we devoured our salads.  

 Next we headed for a swim at one of Hvar’s numerous rocky beaches (watch out for the spiky sea urchins!) for a little chill-out time before our next adventure…

As a group we hired two speedboats from Hvar island and headed out for an island and water tour!  We created ‘party boats’ complete with alcohol and music…lounging on the front of the boat to soak up sunshine or leaping off to cool off in the bright blue sea.

Our ‘captains’ took us to a few different locations throughout the afternoon, giving us beautiful views of the island and its surroundings….they even let me ‘drive’ a bit on the way back!!
Back on land, we had quick showers before heading up to the neighbouring ‘The Top’ bar to enjoy a glass of Hvar white white overlooking the port in the fading sunlight.

After admiring the impressive sunset (and enjoying the local wine!) we headed into one of the town’s numerous windy streets for a delicious dinner - a seafood feast of tuna, prawns, squid and veggies on a huge platter - amazing!  I highly recommend Bistro Marinero, if you're ever in Hvar... 
As is the local custom, kick off a meal with a shot of Croatian brandy!

Nothing left!
Then it was time to dance off our dinner at various bars along the sea front!

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