Saturday 4 January 2014

2013 - Random foodie finds (sweet)

One of my friends and I have a fascination with finding random sweet treats - mostly stemming from our shared love of KitKat chunkies!  Here are some of my findings from 2013...

Can't remember if this is the wasabi or green tea one!

The biggest kitkat known to Moscow

Peanut butter - the best!
Strawberry cheesecake

Peanut butter twix - AMAZING!

South American truffles
Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Maple syrup, candied bacon cupcake!

Sooo many scones!
German apple strudel

Dulce de leche cakes
Brazil's nighttime pudding carts!

Uruguay Chajá – sponge, meringue, cream and fruit
Snickers Tart..
Child-sized gingerbread house

'Dangerously Delicious' french toast pie
Infamous Georgetown bakery

'Christmas' flavoured!
Cream-stuffed doughnuts the size of your head!

Pumpkin cheesecake doughnut
Hot iced Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Halloween doughnuts, Washington D.C.

Heart shaped marshmallows in Bangkok

Every random chocolate / sweet we could find in Thailand!
Thailand market sweets
Thailand 'sweets'

Absolutely delicious combo of salted nuts & pretzels with chocolate M&Ms

The biggest box of Nerds I've ever seen

Ice cream

I want cinnamon buns Ben & Jerry's!

Brazilian ice-cream dessert
The best ice-cream in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biscuits & 'Tarts'

Why don't we get these yummy-sounding flavours!?
Argentinian dulce de leche biscuit sandwich
Golden Oreo!
Argentinian 'Alfajor'


Brazilian caramel / nut sweet snack
Argentinian dulce de leche
Homemade Uruguay dulce de leche
Argentinian caramel chocolate bar
Rambutan - Asian lychee-like fruit
'Monkey fingers' bananas
Brazilian watermelon & fruit sorbets

Moscow sweet cherry pancakes
Bangkok Koh San Road pancakes...normally with nutella & banana
Thailand fluffy beach pancakes, with syrup and a smile!
Golden syrup & nutella pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
Cream & fruit pancakes, Moscow
Caramel pancakes, Uruguay
And other treats that just didn't fit into a category...
Pudding 'tapas'

Duck & Whaffle desserts

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