Sunday 23 March 2014

Museum time (again!) in Munich

Despite the gorgeous weather during the week, at the weekend it seems to switch to cold / windy / wet - typical! So what do you do in a city if you want to get out an explore with such unfriendly circumstances?! Well, in the spirit of “don’t die stupid”, I decided to visit the ‘Deutsches Museum’. I’m not really a museum person (I’d much rather experience up a place by wandering around or sitting in a cafe and soaking up the culture through people-watching) but I this place was highly recommended on a lot of websites, so off I went...

I cycled via the Isar River as the museum is located on a small island in the river.

On the way I spotted a (lame!) attempt to recreate the love locks bridge and some colourful graffiti...

Deutsches Museum (German Museum) is the world's largest museum of science and technology, with approx 1.5million visitors a year and approx 28,000 exhibited items from 50 different fields of science and technology.
 It’s an impressive looking building from the outside and I snapped a couple of pics before hurrying inside, away from the fierce wind!

It’s €8.50 entry to the museum which is reasonable considering it would take most of a day to explore all of the floors and exhibitions.  

The main hall that greets you on arrival is full of hanging planes, balloons and boats...and people! I hurried upstairs away from the crowds and found myself in the Astronomy area.

Next I ended up in a great ‘Biology’ exhibition...I have a bit of a fascination with human science and this was a good exhibit that brought different elements to life:

From here I wandered through other rooms, looking at things like ‘Textiles’, ‘Music’ and 'Pharmacy'.

Finally I headed back to the main hall to see all of the hanging transportation pieces – it was interesting to see so many different types of planes...particularly the cross-section of the commercial plane – I never realised how little of the space is actually filed by passengers!

 The last stop was a could climb down and it felt like you really we on a cruise ship (not great for my motion sickness!) which was cool:

After being intellectual, I treated myself to lunch out in 'Laden' - a cafe in Schwabing. It’s a busly cafe – a perfect lunchtime catch up spot with friends at the weekend. I think it would also be worth a visit for breakfast with their pretzel and jams selection.

I went for the veggie linguine.

A quick trip to the supermarket on my way home, revealed another 'interesting' item - sauerkraut juice!  

I didn't purchase it this time, but perhaps will get the urge at some point!  Though having received a British food survival basket in the mail, I'm stocked up for a bit!

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  1. Aha, I recognise that place! So jealous of your food survival pack! Ignore my last comment, I confused you with another blogger :D


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