Friday 21 March 2014

Cavos Taverna, Munich – a Greek dining experience in Germany

Time for some Greek fun! We had some international visitors over and so we decided to take them out for a fun night in Cavos Taverna. This is a greek restaurant next to the English Gardens in Schwabing, almost underneath the Riding School. From the outside it is unassuming as you walk down some steps into the taverna – the outside seating was empty at this time of year but I’m sure in the summer it would also be packed.

Inside the restaurant / bar is full of long wooden tables with almost every seat taken, and it was only 7.30pm – reservations are essential!

We had a table of 12 people so we were given their standard 2-course ended up being a feast!

For starters we had a huge selection of cold and warm nibbles, including: Tzatziki; Taramasalta; eggplant (aubergine) salad; Tirokafteri (creamed feta cheese); lentil salad; couscous salad; grilled gruyere cheese; Baked feta;Red bell pepper stuffed wih feta cheese;
Grilled halumi cheese with lemon caper vinaigrette; mixed greek salad; King prawns with tomato/feta sauce and, of course, pita breads...with and without garlic.

The food just kept coming...and it was all delicious!

Once we’d had our fill of starters, the friendly and efficient staff brought our mains...a mixed barbeque banquet, featuring: gyros and souvlaki (typical greek-style pork on a skewer); lamb chops; bifteki (mince meat balls); king prawns and calamari; white fish and more salads / rice and cooked veggies.

There was so much food – we couldn’t finish the meat mountain, but gave it a good shot! All this for a very reasonable €35p.p.

By 10pm the place was packed with the beautiful Muenchners and their friends. And after dinner is really where this place comes into its own....they turn down the lights, turn up the music and everyone gets up and starts dancing...on the floor, on the chairs and on the tables! They bring out boxes and boxes of white paper napkins and everyone starts throwing them around everywhere.

The music moves from slightly chilled lounge music and Greek gypsy-style music but then transitions into upbeat modern hits and everyone was having a great time! 

There was a great atmosphere and a good crowd and we stayed until the place was almost empty...apart from the white paper decorating the entire place...

Definitely one I’ll be going back to!

Open daily from 5 p.m

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