Tuesday 4 March 2014

Carnival in Munich!

Now clearly this isn't Brazil-scale, but it turns out Germany also celebrates carnival season!  In Munich this is called "Fasching".  It was originally a pagan festival but it now associated with the Catholic church, with the season starting officially on 11 November and then running for 3 months until Ash Wednesday.

During the last three 'crazy days' (Fasching Sunday, Rose Monday and Shrove Tuesday) the pedestrian area in the city centre becomes a large open air party with live music, fancy dress and dancing.  One of the highlights of the Munich Fasching is the dance of the market women (Marktfrauen) at the "Viktualienmarkt" in costumes at 11am on Shrove Tuesday.  Whilst I didn't get to see this part, fortunately, despite being at work, I was allowed to go and visit the market for some of the afternoon to see what Fasching was all about...

To sum it's entertaining costumes, drinking, singing and a great fun atmosphere - see for yourself!

Of course, I always carry a spare leg with me....
One of the main drum bands playing around the area

Kids are on holidays, so even they get involved

Basically, the whole of Marienplataz and the market was full of people, music and confetti!

I even got a little face-paint to 'blend' in...

Also, pancakes aren't a 'thing' here - the normal treat to have before Ash Wednesday is 'Krapfen' - a jelly / cream filled doughnut (also called a 'Berliner' in the North).  Though there is a also a common German trick to fill some with mustard and serve alongside the normal ones!  I fortunately had a non-mustard (& yummy!) one...

Though, this was only after my 'main course' of a pretzel!  Well it is 'Fat Tuesday' after all...

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