Friday 21 March 2014

A day of rooftops

Off-site team training is always good fun and this was no exception! Ours took place in Boston Consultancy Group’s Munich offices. I found myself on a street familiar from my open-top bus tour: Ludwigstrasse. Here is the university library and Ludwigskirche (St Louis church).  This catholic church is a huge church containing the second-largest altar fresco in the world.

Inside the BCG building, they had a cool elevator system that essentially was wooden boxes running on a circuit system travelling up through the floors and then back down again on a big loop! You jump / step / leap into these moving boxes, maximum two people, and then do the same again at your floor – highly entertaining!
We also travelled up to the top of the building to the roof terrace to admire their impressive views over the city.

After a morning hard-at-work we popped out for a german lunch – 'currywurst mit pommes' (sausage covered in curry sauce with chips)...not the healthiest lunch, but their traditional ‘fast food’ at Pommes Boutique.

That evening we headed to the Technical University to enjoy the sunset from their rooftop bar - Cafe Vorholzer.  
Lastly, we went back down to the ground for dinner at ‘Le Florida’ in Schwabing. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere with a large food and drinks menu...

I started with a ‘Spritz’ and then went for the oddly-named ‘zwei freunde’ salad (two friends) which was a generous and tasty turkey and prawn salad.

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