Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas Day with the Bears!

To kick of the day of indulgence, we had some festive pancakes! Now, you may think I mean cranberry or cinnamon flavoured crepes, but no – I mean I created mini pancakes in Christmas themed shapes, such as bells, boots, holly leaves and angels! (complete with onesie as my apron!)

Mama Bear had made a nice thick scotch pancake mix, I dug out some metal cookie cutters and pour in some mix – all sounded good...until I realised I would have to flip the pancakes! Now being metal cutters they were too hot to touch, cue a frantic search for some BBQ tongs to rotate the now ‘well-done’ shapes!

Fortunately my sous-chef had surgical training so was able to assist with this intricate task of rotation and then ‘encouraging’ the shapes down the cutters...

By the end of this cooking, we’d definitely worked up a hunger and tucked into various shapes with syrup, lime and sugar...delicious!

I also ‘assisted’ (by assisted I mean watched and threw a couple of bay leaves ‘up’ the bird) with the turkey preparation - Terrance was stuffed and tied up!  I also saw (for what I believe was the first time ever, a turkey neck and heart!!)

Then to balance out our morning indulgence we headed out for a walk up the sister and I actually decided to avoid ‘the hill’ and did our own detour, through fields where we goofed around with unsuspecting horses!

Post-walk we’d built up an appetite, and now clothed in Christmas jumpers and hats, we set about making Christmas nibbles – the cookie cutters came out to play again(!) along with the festive-coloured olives.

No family celebrations would be complete without champers, so we popped open a bottle to help with our nibbles and final turkey reveal!

Homemade crackers were next with some tasty and pretty treats tucked inside!

Then to help our Christmas feast of turkey, stuffing, sprouts, roast veg and cranberries go down we had a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, followed by a glass of delicious Baileys ‘Chocolate Luxe’ – you can see the ‘magic’ with a couple of ice cubes, then (because clearly we hadn’t drunk enough yet), a taster of 64-year old Armagnac with some chocs!

Then to round off the day we did prezzis around the fire (complete with some awesome wrapping paper!), charades, chocolate Yule log(!) and Downton Abbey’s Christmas Special...

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