Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve Indulgence

There is never a shortage of food at ‘Bear Mansion’ and Christmas time is no exception!  We kicked off on Christmas Eve with champers and nibbles...
Ostrich biltong
Festive-coloured olives

Channeling our inner animal - and showing off some serious co-ordination
Anything Jamie Oliver can do with a mezze board...
Festive nails!
Mains was baked salmon with a dizzying array of salads...

Followed by a cranberry cheesecake, which I got very excited to watch being assembled. Here’s the step-by-step guide!

Then just in case you needed, some mince pies as well, plus the ever-popular ‘Nigella Cake’ (our family name for this sweet and salty fridge cake, featuring peanuts and smashed up crunchie bars).

Then to round off the meal we had ‘Rubis’ – a red and chocolate wine which I’d never heard of before but was absolutely delicious – definitely recommend it as an after-dinner treat!

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