Monday 11 November 2013

Sleeping in a castle parapet

I was fortunate to visit (& sleep in!) the famous Ackergill Tower. This Scottish castle is on the north coast of the Highlands, near John O’Groats and Wick. This 15th century, category A listed building, currently used as an events venue by AmaZing Venues. 
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The castle is a large square tower overlooking the sea from the rocky Caithness cliffs, with it’s own private beach, bothy and lock.

I was given the room at the top of the tower’s parapet…apparently a haunted room! According to legend, Helen Gunn (a women abducted for her beauty by John Keith, the owner) jumped / fell from this tower to escape her abductor’s advances. Her ghost, with a red ball gown and black hair, can still be seen…just not by me!

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