Thursday 17 October 2013

Sand, sunshine and steam!

Day 7 : 2013 Autumn Travels [Ilha Grande, Brazil]

Rain had finally stopped, so we went to ‘our’ cafe again for breakfast...once again featuring the tasty acai!  We also spotted the local police man doing his rounds.

 Then some of our group headed off to a beach, hidden around in the state park.

The sun couldn’t decided if it wanted to stay in or out but we stayed entertained playing volleyball, making human pyramids and dolphin watching.

Then we stopped at a ‘pay by the kilo’ place for lunch.

As an afternoon treat we went for a steam session, followed by coffee and biscuits.

That evening we met for dinner at ‘Kebab Lounge’ where my poor feet and ankles were eaten alive by mosquitoes...their super-itchy bites would last for some time!

There we devoured a large fish and “veggitails”!

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