Saturday 19 October 2013

Floating party!

Day 9: 2013 Autumn Travels [Paraty, Brazil]

Paraty’s biggest attraction its massive selection of 55 islands and 100 beaches nearby so today most of us opted for a boat ride around the tropical paradise.

The all-you-can-drink Caipirinhas quickly helped to get everyone into a party spirit as did the sunny weather and gorgeous scenery.

We stopped at a few beaches and all swam and played beach volleyball amongst consuming buckets of the sickly sweet cocktails.

Once the boat docked, our group and another carried on the party with snorkel-drinking, dancing and even got the crew involved.

After showers we all wandered to a pizza place for dinner, but quickly left to come back to the historical town where I had a “brigadeiro” (Brazilian chocolate fudge ball candy) before  having a dessert of banana in filo pastry cases with passion fruit sauce and ice cream – yum!

Then Louise and I went dancing in ‘Paraty 33’.  The clock change, meaning we lost an hour wasn’t appreciated that night as we had a 6am departure the next day!

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