Friday 12 January 2018

Super Muesli

Breakfasts in winter need to be heartier than in the summer.  I definitely need more ‘fuel’ to get me through the cold dark days!

So this muesli is ideal.  

It’s also so much better to make your own.  All you need is grains plus fruits and nuts/seeds.  

I used oats for this one which I toasted slightly in the over to firm them up.  But you can use any grain such as barley, spelt or rye - or even a mixture.  Look for ‘rolled’ grains, rather than “quick-cook” ones as the latter is often very processed.

For your fruits you can use anything you want here - I’m using SUPERGOODFRUITS freeze-dried bilberries for mine for an antioxidants boost.  You can also add raisins and other fruits, but just be careful not to overload with the fruit sugars as dried fruits are far more concentrated than fresh.  
Nuts and seeds add a perfect finish to muesli.  I always toast mine in the oven (as I do the oats) as it brings out the taste.  For this combo I used sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and desiccated coconut.

Serve up with milk or yoghurt for a tasty start to your day.  You can also add a sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg if you want.

Don’t you just love how the SUPERGOODFRUITS bilberries turn the milk purple!?  

Make a batch at a time and your breakfasts are sorted for the next week or so…


Any ratio of these ingredients is fine - just make it how you like it!

*This post was sponsored by SUPERGOODFRUITS. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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