Sunday 2 July 2017

Fruity frozen yoghurt bark

I love summer.  I also love ice cream.  However it’s not often the healthiest choice when you need a sweet yet cooling treat.

My cheat is to make my own frozen yoghurt which totally hits the spot whilst leaving you guilt-free.

I’d received some interesting-looking packages from Super Good Fruits which I was excited to experiment with.

The result: fruit frozen yoghurt bark!

It’s super quick and easy to make - you just need a couple of hours for it to freeze.

I mixed two pots of Total 0% yoghurt (fat free and no added sugars) with a generous spoon of agave syrup.
Then added two large spoons of Super Good Fruits freeze dried bilberries.

Bilberries!?  I hear you cry - don’t you mean ‘blueberries’?!

Actually no I don’t!  Whilst blueberries and bilberries look very similar, there are some differences between this wild European blueberry and it’s more well-known American counterpart.

The main one is the higher vitamin C, E and anthocyanin levels - all of which have lots of positive health benefits, taking the superfood blueberry to the next level.

Super Good Fruits uses 100% organic and wild bilberries which are grown by regional and sustainable farmers before being hand-picked and gently freeze-dried to retain all of their vitamins.

So, back to the kitchen…

After stirring in the bilberries (which bled nicely into the yoghurt, giving a slight ‘raspberry ripple’ effect), I poured it into a baking tray lined in foil.

On top I added desiccated coconut, chopped almonds and some fresh fruits.

Leave it to freeze for a couple of hours...

Then it tips out easily...

Check out that gorgeous colour from the bilberries.

Then just break your slab into smaller pieces for eating / sharing.


Visit SUPERGOODFRUITS website for more products and recipes.

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