Monday 5 December 2016

Amman, Jordan (4) Hashem restaurant

My mum and all the research I did told me that I must make time for a meal at Hashem - and they weren't wrong!  This popular local place is renowned for being the best place for a falafel lunch.

Its busy and casual - plastic seats and parasols - but I grabbed a seat on the end of a table without having to wait much.

I asked the waiter to just bring whatever was good and I was presented with a platter of falafel, hummus, flat bread and a salad of tomato, raw onion and mint leaves.

But not just any falafel...these green (from parsley) deep-fried ground chickpea balls are heavenly.  I watched them being made and then immediately appearing on tables.  I demolished as many as I could.  You can add some mint or dunk into your hummus as well...

Oh and the hummus - I ended up eating hummus at every meal for the 8 days I was in Jordan but this (plus the one I made at Beit Sitti, info below) was the best!  There was a smashed red been centre and it was topped with delicious olive oil that I couldn't get enough of.

I also had a coffee - there are two types of arabic coffee: Turkish and Saudi.  Both are served in small cups and often with continuous refills.  I prefer the cardamom flavours of the saudi style.

The atmosphere was great in the restaurant and the food was delicious.

Food-making in action...


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