Tuesday 26 January 2016

Modica, Sicily

Modica is famous for its Aztec chocolate (and Baroque architecture…definitely a theme in Sicily!).

We wandered the streets of the historic centre…

…and the central Church of San Giorgio.

Then we stopped for an iced coffee to ‘soak up the atmosphere’ (i.e. sit down and caffeinate in the heat!)

Refuelled we headed to Antica Dolceria Bonajuto to learn about their chocolate.

Chocolate of Modica (“cioccolato di Modica”) is a specialty chocolate which is characterised by its unique ‘grainy’ texture.
This little shop has been open since 1880 and is hidden off the main road.

The staff preserve the ancient methods from the ‘new world’ of creating the chocolate, introduced by the Spanish whilst they were in the area.

We tasted various flavours and strengths…

And also drank some tasty chili chocolate drink.

Not bad for a morning’s sightseeing!

Then we left the town and headed out to a nearby farm for lunch!

It was a cheese-making farm so they laid on a feast of cheeses…

As I’m not a fan of cheese, they also kindly made me a low-cheese version, featuring a plate of cheese-free "scacce" (focaccia-like stuffed pastries) – a traditional Sicilian dish.

Finishing up with some super-strength coffee.

The heavens opened and we hid in the cellar (entertaining ourselves with ‘planking’ competitions’ before heading out to briefly view the cows, milking equipment and the fields.

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