Friday 8 January 2016

Burger & Lobster Bank, Munich

Friday nights are my favourite night for going out.  It's like you start celebrating the weekend straight away...and then you still have the whole weekend to enjoy.

So one (Friday!) evening, a friend and I head off to 'Burger & Lobster Bank' here in Munich.  

This restaurant opened in December 2014 and is good for food and also it's "Buddy Love Bar" - a cocktail hangout area.

We started with some cocktails.  

I wanted to try the 'lobster martini' but unfortunately they didn't have it, so I went for the "waikiki beach martini".
 "Grilled pineapple & agave sous vide infused vodka, josef cartoon caramel liquor"

It was delicious!  Plus the way it was served was fun - a good way to keep your cocktail cold, without watering down the taste.

As we sipped our drinks, we perused the menu.

I headed straight for the "beef meets lobster" section.  I rarely order seafood out in Munich as I figure we couldn't be further from the sea, so this was a treat.

I chose the "Original Surf & Turf" - half a grilled lobster with a 150g beef steak.

At 49 euros it's not cheap but you get your money's worth - it's generous, delicious and comes with a side salad.

There are also other side dishes you can order - such as sweet potato fries, but I didn't need more.

My friend went for the classic burger and half lobster which also went down well!

After another drink, we then treated ourselves to dessert...

A gorgeous (& tasty) trio of chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse with cherry compote.

Finally we headed onto Reiz Bar for a nightcap.

There are about 400 different cocktails to pick from here so I'd recommend just chatting to the barmen and seeing what they can come up with for you...

I had a vodka and fig mixture, whilst my friend picked a chocolate creamy creation.


Burger & Lobster Bank: Prannerstrasse 11, 80333 Munich
Mon-Fri 6pm-4am
Sat 6pm onwards

Reiz Bar: Agnesstrasse 54, 80798 Munich
Tues-Thurs 7pm-2am
Fri-Sat 7pm-3am

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