Friday 3 July 2015

N.Italy mini break - Lake Garda & Sirmione

The sun came out! After indulging with a little lie-in, we woke to bright sunshine streaming through the curtain gaps.

Our balcony gave us a great view over the stunning scenery,

Eager to get outside, we hurried down to breakfast…where we made sure to maximise our buffet intake!

Then we had a slightly baffling situation where we needed to check out of our hotel room, but were still able to use the hotel’s private lakeside ‘beach’ and the spa, but there were no official changing rooms!

We headed out to the lake side through a secret tunnel and emerged blinking into the sun (yes I know I’m quoting the Lion King!)

It was stunning!

Time for a little photo session…

My sister headed for the water.

I plonked myself on a sun lounger and caught up on all the important news…!

Cue...happy selfie! 

We just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and the gorgeous surroundings.

After a few hours it clouded over and we headed inside to enjoy the spa. (which involved walking through the hotel car park in dressing gowns!)

Once squeaky clean and relaxed we dressed and headed to Sirmione – with a homemade drying line in the backseats!

Sirmione is a town on the Sirmio peninsula that cuts through the southern part of the lake.

The sun was out and there were plenty of happy people around enjoying the area. We parked up and checked out the view.

Before heading straight to an ice cream parlour for a delicious gelato! Well we needed lunch…I had fruits of the forest and tiramasu.

We sat on the side of the lake and tucked into our holiday treat.

Whilst the local wildlife checked us out.

Refuelled we went for a walk into the town area of Sirmione which is definitely worth a wander.

It’s full of cute little lanes...

...and local produce.


As well as great views either side onto the lake.

There is also a castle (Scaliger Castle) from the 13th century. As well as a grotto and churches.

We stocked up on some tasty treats and random drinks.

Following our noses, we came across some very friendly men grilling sardines - one man was particularly keen to show off his fish!

Finally we climbed back into the car and headed off to Verona, a short 40 minute drive away.

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