Tuesday 24 March 2015

Spanish summer - homemade tapas

A couple of nights in Spain we made homemade tapas - real tasty feasts…

Sitting in the sunshine is a perfect opportunity to read up on gorgeous sounding tapas recipes...

And feel a little inspired in the kitchen!

Lightly battered and fried anchovies with mussels... 

And there's always a reason for pink bubbles…even if just to celebrate holiday times!

Other scrummy dishes we cooked up include prawns, battered anchovies, huge tomatoes, peppers and cucumber…

It gets the thumbs-up from at least one baby bear!

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  1. Everything looks so good and perfect! Spanish tapas are easy to make and great for entertaining. Lovely post,


  2. Thanks, Elise! I'm such a fan of tapas - you get to have so many flavours in one sitting!


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