Saturday 7 February 2015

Guatemala: Lake Atitlán to Antigua

Day 10
We excitedly headed down to the lake to catch a boat to our breakfast destination!

We arrived at ‘La Casa del Mundo’ and it was a unique cliff-side hotel with plenty of balconies and spectacular views over the lake. 

We poured over their delicious sounding menu, soaking up the views (and the sunshine!)
Their food is all homemade – hand selected from Panajachel’s indigenous market.  I chose the homemade granola with coffee which was a perfect start to a Monday morning – “breakfast with a view” rarely comes better than this!

Then there was time for a little sunbathing before we re-boarded our boat.

This time heading to San Juan village. Here there is a GAdventures “Planeterra project” where they support families to get involved in the Posadas Mayas programme and also invests in solutions to reduce environmental impacts of tourism.

We were shown around by one of the residents, starting at an art gallery…

…then heading to a weavers, where they showed us how the create the wool, the colour and then the materials...

…where a number of us bought scarves from the local ladies, in support of the local community enterprises.

For lunch we visited a local family’s home where they made us a tasty feast.

Tamales – a corn paste wrapped in banana leaves

Pepián - a popular Guatemalan stew.

After lunch we headed back down to the lake for our journey back across to Panajachel. Unfortunately the wind picked up and the lake was very choppy, meaning we had a very wild (and bouncy) trip…not great if you suffer from motion sickness!

Then we piled into our bus for the long bumpy drive to Antigua.

Antigua was the capital city of Guatemala for over 200 years until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1773.

We arrived just in time for dinner!  Starving (and a little tired and cold from our long journey) we headed to a great crepe restaurant, Luna De Miel.

If you like pancakes – this is the place for you!

Alternatively, if you like nutella, then this is also the place for you!
We had rooftop seating, though the dark meant the view was wasted on us!

The food, however, was not! I had a scrummy savoury pancake with bacon, ja;appends, tomatoes and crème cheese with a big glass of red wine!

Then it was off to bed as we had an early start the next day…

Central America

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