Tuesday 23 December 2014

Making bread fun

If you're a regular reader (or know me at all in 'real life'!) you'll know I like to make food fun.  Being at home with my family makes this even more possible, due to cupboards full of interesting goodies.

Mama had made a tasty butternut squash and sweet potato soup, so to accompany it, my sister and I made some fun bread rolls - something of a tradition in our house now.

With the dough ready (from the bread machine!) we raided the cupboards for nuts, seeds and dried fruits to create our masterpieces from...

Then, splitting up the dough, we got to work.

Check out our Christmas-themed roll selection - can you guess what they all are?!  We also hid some goodies inside some of them...


Left to prove for 20 minutes before they went into the over, emerging with some slight singeing (aka 'over kissed'!) to the dried fruit but the nuts and cheese were just right.

Tuck in - with some festive cheese, soup or anything you fancy!

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