Thursday 3 April 2014

Monastery in the Alps

For a team brainstorming session we headed to Kloster Holzen, a Benedictine abbey near the Bavarian village of Allmannshofen.

During our session we also had time to wander around the peaceful abbey setting - it was only converted in 2011 into a 57-room hotel, plus wedding/baptisms venue.

They also have a highly ornate (and gold!) baroque monastery church - you can definitely tell where the German ‘church tax’ is spent!

I also tried a garlic-chive mousse and sweet German dumpling, filled and accompanied with fruit…a strangely jelly/plastic dessert…

I also had a sexist tea - just for women! Tasted just like peppermint tea…

We also were allowed to see into the ‘special’ rooms - the library and a lounge-style room with walls given over to a huge painting.

We also enjoyed a glass of wine by the ultra-modern fireplace.

Kloster Holzen also provides local handicapped people with a home and workplace, providing a shop for their handcrafts. 


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