Wednesday 13 November 2013

Foodie review – Argentina

Argentina re-cap: 2013 Autumn Travels

I only had a small amount of time in Argentina, experiencing (only) the Iguassu Falls and Buenos Aires but I made it my mission to complete the Lonely Planet’s ‘Essential Food & Drink’’s a tough life!

·         Beef – well clearly Argentina’s most famous food, as they have perfected the grilling, instilling a smoky, salty outer layer to their delectable steaks

·         Wine – I stuck to the ever tasty Malbec but there is a huge variety available across the vast country

·         Maté – having sampled this in Uruguay I felt I could tick this off without having to subject myself to more of the bitter grassy tea, despite its social importance

·         Ice cream – Argentina makes some of the best ‘helado’ in the world, swirled into a miniature peaked mountain

·         Italian food – there is masses of pizza and pasta on every restaurant’s menu

·         Dulce de leche – making up a key food group for me throughout my time in South America, Argentina has turned milk and sugar into the world’s best caramel sauce

In addition there is a dizzying array of cafes with cafes, coffees and other tasty the ever-present empanadas (South American pasties).

I only had a glimpse of the vast traveller offerings from Argentina, but what I saw made me very keen to come back and explore it further, taking in sights such as Patagonia and Mendoza.

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