Saturday 16 November 2013

A little bit of the Dead Sea...

So the parents have recently returned from Jordan and so Mama Bear decided to give us a flavour for the experience! 

She’d bought an authentic Dead Sea mud facepack which I delighted in slathering onto everyone’s faces...creating comedy moustaches and markings in the process.

Don't think she's realised I've given her a beard!
Then we popped open some bubbles and snacked on almonds flavoured with Jordanian spices – deliciously addictive! I got so distracted I almost forgot that my face was an unattractive sludge green colour...until I tried to laugh and thought my face was going to crack off!

We even added some cucumber eye-patches to complete our 'at home' spa experience.

After washing off the mud and admiring our newly revitalised skin, we settled down for a feast! We started with pitta breads stuffed with falafel, hummus and baba ganoush, followed by chicken skewers.


Delicious! A trip to Jordan definitely has made it onto my 'To Do' list!

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